A German company. Globally networked.

Our mission: We trade in medical, work safety and hygiene products. We focus on people’s well-being with joy and enthusiasm. Our partners trust us: Made for people.

Our vision: In the spirit of our slogan Made for people, we want to exist as a company independently and sustainably in the market. We achieve this aim through innovation, passionate customer orientation, profitable growth, process efficiency, and the sustained development of all our colleagues.

Experience BODY PRODUCTS, the constantly growing company, as a reliable, customer-orientated partner.

  • 1700 medical protective equipment products
  • 500 occupational hygiene products
  • 350 products for endoscopy, gastroenterology and urology.
  • Continuous new developments and innovative solutions
  • A global network of highly-specialised partners and reliable logisticians
  • 65 members of staff
  • Over 30 years’ experience

Our quality: tested!

We are aware of our responsibility.

As the provider of medical protective items and hygiene products, we design our portfolio with the greatest care. Our products are proven and in constant demand on the international market.

Which is why we are happy to be measured against high standards. The quality and performance of all our products are rigorously tested. Our quality management system focuses on process efficiency and customer orientation as well as on the actual products. Accordingly, we are certified to the ISO standards shown opposite.


DIN EN ISO 13485 certified

This certification enables us to ensure that we comply with the principles for the manufacture and distribution of medical devices in accordance with the Medical Devices Ordinance (EU) 2017/745.

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DIN EN ISO 14001 certified

Certification to environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001 sends a clear signal for us as company, and confirms that dealing with our environment and natural resources responsibly is of tremendous importance to us.

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Responsibility for today. Responsibility for tomorrow.

Disposable protection and hygiene products and sustainability: How does that work?

We are aware that our products are an extremely important element in a system that helps many people to maintain or improve their health.

It is our aim to do this as sustainably as possible for the sake of our environment and of future generations. However, implementing our sustainable value orientation is not easy, especially in the market segment of disposable hygiene products. Promising and efficient implementation strategies are not isolated solutions. Quite the opposite: they are developed all over the world and then implemented. We are aware of this.

Nevertheless, sustainability is an essential basis for the BODY PRODUCTS company and its strategic decisions. We don’t wait and see, but we work with our partners to constantly seek new and innovative solutions for our products, packaging and logistics as our contribution to the future. And that’s what we want to be measured by.


Our own-brand products guarantee excellent quality, a tremendous selection and fair, market-driven prices for use in hospitals and practices as well as commercial applications such as industrial kitchens, food processing and services.

The BODY PRODUCTS brands offer a modern and sophisticated product design with a high international recognition value.

The medi-inn® CLASSIC brand stands for quality products that are used e.g. in the medical and nursing environment. medi-inn® CLASSIC products can be used by healthcare professionals and by their patients or relatives. In a highly competitive market environment, medi-inn® CLASSIC brand products can hold their own in terms of quality and price.

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Under the medi-inn® PRO brand, BODY PRODUCTS offers more complex quality products that have been developed for use by medical and nursing professionals in specific care areas. BODY PRODUCTS focuses on items under the medi-inn® PRO brand, which offer Health care professionals specific medical benefits.

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BODY PRODUCTS distributes the work-inn® brand together with its strategic partner PAPSTAR. Products under the work-inn® brand are designed with the specific focus on work safety, gastronomy (HoReCa = Hotel, Restaurant, Catering) and other areas that have to adhere to HACCP principles to ensure food safety. (HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

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