NEW: Sterile disposable medical instruments


BODY PRODUCTS now exclusive distribution partner of Scholz Instruments for Europe

With increasing cost pressures and limited time resources, disposable instruments are an obvious choice, especially when hygiene and safety requirements are high.
In order to be able to offer our customers a wide range of sterile disposable instruments made of brushed, non-reflective stainless steel, BODY PRODUCTS has acquired the exclusive distribution rights for Scholz Medical GmbH’s disposable instruments for Europe.
The disposable instruments are ready for immediate use and can be used at any time – whether in care facilities, doctors’ surgeries, surgical outpatient clinics, in emergency care or on hospital wards.

  • Quality and safety: compliance with the highest quality and hygiene standards. Finishing in Germany
  • Sterile instruments: always new, always sterile thanks to state-of-the-art EO gas sterilisation in Germany
  • Functionality and ergonomics: comparable to reusable instruments in terms of look and feel
  • Enormous savings potential: low acquisition costs and elimination of repair and reprocessing costs

The plus in precision and safety

High-quality disposable stainless steel instruments have become an integral part of everyday medical practice. They are indispensable for patient safety and hygiene as well as economically for medical facilities. Thanks to precise manufacturing and ongoing quality controls of the disposable instruments offered by BODY PRODUCTS, we ensure that every detail is executed with the highest quality workmanship.
Our disposable instruments are colour-coded by the Fresenius Institute, which enables clear identification and prevents confusion with reusable instruments.

Safe, economical, ecological.

Thanks to our partnership with Scholz Medical GmbH, we can support our customers from delivery to disposal. As an option, users of our disposable instruments have the opportunity to benefit from recycling worthy of the name. With the licensed and patented SReSĀ® Scholz Recycling System for disposable instruments, 100 per cent of the materials used are recycled. The multi-stage collection system collects non-infectious contaminated metallic waste in operating theatres, surgical outpatient clinics, wards and CSSDs. The use of this recycling system shortens work processes, reduces waste volumes and disposal costs and conserves valuable raw material reserves.

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