Efficient supply chain management

Central and high-bay warehouse

The conveniently located central and high-bay warehouse on PAPSTAR’s 130,000 square metre company premises has over 70,000 pallet and 100,000 carton spaces.

Mostly fully-automated picking processes with up to three-quarters of a million picks (goods withdrawals from storage units) a month ensure that PAPSTAR is able to serve all order and shipping methods “just in time”.

Permanent delivery capability

Thanks to sophisticated logistics and service concepts, PAPSTAR is able to ensure the permanent delivery capability of its entire product range – every day, and all over Europe!

The “centrepiece” is the fully-automated central and high-bay warehouse conveniently located on the 130,000 square metres of the company premises in Kall (Euskirchen district) in the North Rhine-Westphalian part of the Eifel.

Transport and fleet

The logistics services provider with its own fleet (semi-trailers with Actros trucks by Mercedes-Benz and trailers by Schmitz-Cargobull) continuously analyses all available technologies for saving fuel and invests in state-of-the-art, resource-saving technology to ensure that fuel consumptions remain economically and ergonomically efficient.


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